Andrea dworkin essays

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The majority of the left today is composed of armchair socialists more interested in crafting a ‘woke’ image that’s inherently dependent on social posturing. It’s politics played out as though our lives are holographic projections of Tumblr and Facebook, where everyone’s having a great fucking time showing everyone how happy and cool we are. It’s about scoring points, not understanding what you’re talking about and getting to the root of these issues, where change really happens. The same capitalism they rail against has brought about this narcissistic, individualistic parody of class-based organizing and it has completely killed any hope of offering a platform for revolution and resistance. The left needs to look inward rather than blame progressives who can no longer stomach this egotistical grandstanding and instead seek other groups who might at least be more open to engaging in good faith, as opposed to flogging those they disagree with. There are a lot of areas where we can connect with people who don’t necessarily identify as leftist, and I think that’s what we need to do as progressives – on a broad scale – if we have any hope of bringing the ruling class to heel. If feminists need to do the same in order to defend their rights, then so be it.

Andrea dworkin essays

andrea dworkin essays


andrea dworkin essaysandrea dworkin essaysandrea dworkin essaysandrea dworkin essays