Anti flag essays

ANTIFest is Anti-Flag's own hosted festival. It took place on May 3, 2012 at The Forum at the University of Hertfordshire . The festival was the first self-established festival hosted by the band, who seek to maintain it as an annual event. On top of headlining the festival, the band personally chose all of the bands who appeared, some of which included other punk bands such as The Bouncing Souls , The Menzingers , Red City Radio , The Computers , and The Skints . The event also had volunteers from organizations including Amnesty International , PETA , and Emmaus providing information and a forum for debate and discussion. [19]
ANTIFest 2013 took place at Backstage Werk in Munich on July 14 with support from ZSK, Strike Anywhere , The Computers and Apologies, I Have None . [20]

And yet the gentleness of English civilization is mixed up with barbarities and anachronisms. Our criminal law is as out-of-date as the muskets in the Tower. Over against the Nazi Storm Trooper you have got to set that typically English figure, the hanging judge, some gouty old bully with his mind rooted in the nineteenth century, handing out savage sentences. In England people are still hanged by the neck and flogged with the cat o’ nine tails. Both of these punishments are obscene as well as cruel, but there has never been any genuinely popular outcry against them. People accept them (and Dartmoor, and Borstal) almost as they accept the weather. They are part of ‘the law’, which is assumed to be unalterable.

Anti flag essays

anti flag essays


anti flag essaysanti flag essaysanti flag essaysanti flag essays