Bar essay graders

Hurricane Katrina affected a small number of the July 2005 applicants whose answers were destroyed when graders' offices and homes were flooded. Most applicants were not directly affected, as they had already met the minimum requirements for passing without relying on the answers that were destroyed. For the thirteen students whose passing was dependent on the destroyed exam answers (Code I), the Louisiana Supreme Court allowed them to retake the missing section of the exam; however, the re-test consisted of different questions than the original exam. They all eventually passed. [6]

Practice, under timed conditions, with a big, easy-to-read clock.

  • You are not ready to be a lawyer. Maybe you went straight from college to law school, and are still a little overwhelmed. You may not even know for sure if you want to be a lawyer, and you are certainly not ready to have someone else’s life or financial future in your hands. This is common, and it is . too. You can solve this issue creatively in a number of different ways without having to fail the Bar to put off the inevitable—for example, decide before the Bar that you will give your yourself some time after you take and pass the Bar Exam before accepting a law job. Don’t commit ahead of time to a job you are not ready to accept.
  • You are simply unlucky. Some people do just have a bad day, family problems, physical accidents or other incidents that occur with the worst of bad timing.

    Bar essay graders

    bar essay graders


    bar essay gradersbar essay gradersbar essay gradersbar essay graders