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Prioritize Job Duties By Importance : Make a list of every duty that you perform on the job. Then prioritize your list, starting with the most important duty. For example: Highest level skills : Managing the office, providing customer service, coordinating with manufacturers, dealing with key accounts and overseeing cash disbursements. Low level skills were answering the phone, maintaining files etc. Market Your Top Skills : To advance your career, focus on your best skills. Here's a list of skills that can be used as headings in your clerical resume. For example: Office Management, Customer Service to Key Accounts, Manufacturing Liaison / Troubleshooting, Accounting / Cash Disbursements etc. Use Numbers to Paint A Big Picture : Use numbers to describe how many sales staff you supported, how many customer accounts you dealt with, what the company's total sales volume was, how much you processed in cash disbursements etc. It creates a powerful statement about your skills and abilities. For example :

  • Managed office functions to support a staff of 10 Sales Representatives who were in the field 75% of the time, for a branch that had an annual sales record of $12 million.
  • Provided customer service, price quoting and emergency problem solving for over 2,000 key accounts including Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.
  • Took care of book-keeping and prepared monthly disbursements in excess of $40,000.
Apply For Positions That Match Your Highest Skills : When applying for internal promotions, include strong descriptions about your performance and initiatives. Using powerful language and accurately describing your skills creates a good impression on the viewer. Take On Higher Level Job Duties : Focus on duties that can help you enrich your resume and add value to the company. Such initiatives can convince your employer that you deserve a raise or promotion.

Our resume services begin with an informal chat and about your requirements and if required, a free resume review, before we then appoint you a writer who will conduct an in-depth consultation to build a picture of you from the ground up in order to best present a professional resume that truly reflects you as an individual with a unique story and is the ideal person for the job you have trained for and are experienced in. Your consultation with a Select Resumes, resume writing consultant ensures we understand exactly who you are. We then paint a clear image of where you want to go. We do everything and anything we can to help you get there!

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build resumes


build resumesbuild resumesbuild resumesbuild resumes