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Credit Bureau Collections Ltd. offers professional collection agency services and systems that help customers recover slow and delinquent accounts receivable .

We are the leading collection agency in Canada for debt collection and recovery. Located in the heart of Central Ontario , Canada , just north of Toronto , we specialize in collecting consumer and commercial accounts of all types from coast to coast at the lowest possible cost. We also collect accounts outside Canada . Long term steady growth, has been our reward for consistently providing good service to our loyal creditors . For over 25 years, our dedicated staff has been building upon the original foundation set by management, and making improvements along the way, which has helped to secure our position as the undisputed leader in Canadian collections .

Our innovative "ARMS" dunning letter service combined with our experienced management and back end debt recovery team effectively benefits the economy, business and consumers. The roots of our company lie in the information services market and accordingly, we understand the need to respect individual privacy . The information we collect to assist us in recovering delinquent accounts is used only for that purpose. We collect accounts of all types including retail, commercial, NSF cheques, ATM bank overdrafts, electrical distribution and timeshare / resort delinquencies. We collect these accounts with professionalism every day. We minimize your risk of further cost in the collection process because we only get paid when the account is collected.

We also offer transparent outsourcing programs to customers who prefer to maintain control of their accounts, without the burden of using inhouse resources. We can manage your early stage delinquencies more efficiently and cost effectively than you can yourself.

When it comes to professional standards , you can be assured that our firm has set the benchmark for other collection agencies who try to copy us. We are the original... Credit Bureau Collections Ltd .... recognized as the leader in debt recovery management. Our company was registered in 1983. Other collection agencies use our name and variations of our name because of our success. Our offices are in downtown Barrie , Ontario Canada.
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Collections canada dissertations

collections canada dissertations


collections canada dissertationscollections canada dissertationscollections canada dissertationscollections canada dissertations