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We have to stop the cycle long enough to realize that what we are really shrugging off is racial inequality. This is not: "Well, if ya factor out race, it's a class thing." We all know in our hearts that that is, at best, only partly true. The full truth must include the acknowledgement that if you're white, different rules apply.

So much of the crosstalk, the shouting, the debate over Ferguson stems, I believe, from an inability to admit this fact of life, which was illustrated so plainly to me that night in front of the deli. I've never been profiled. I've never been stopped and frisked. I've never experienced anything of the sort because of the gift that my parents gave me, and that my son's parents gave him: white skin. I 've had encounters with police, mostly during my youth, in which I'd done something wrong and thought I was about to get a ticket or go to jail but somehow didn't, because I managed to take back or  apologize for whatever I'd said to a cop in petulance or frustration; these encounters, too, would have likely gone differently, perhaps ended differently, if I hadn't been white.

Hi Jimena, my name is Albert and I too live in El Paso, live in the lower valley next to the border highway and although I cannot shed light on the types of owls you encountered, I did want to share my story with you. It was around 7pm in the summer time and darkness had just blanketed the area, when my dog started to bark with extreme ferocity. Being concerned I, rushed to the backyard, where the barking was coming from, opened the door and there my dog was standing, at point and hair bristled up, barking towards the direction of a corner in the yard. I had my flashlight in hand and I lit the area in which he pointed and at the top of a four foot chain link fence was what I considered a very large owl. He had to be at least two feet tall. The owl showed absolutely no fear of my dog or myself, whatsoever. I stepped cautiously towards the owl and I got about twelve feet from him. After my initial shock at the size of this bird, I found myself admiring the beauty of the majestic presence he projected. Never once showing any fear but holding his position of strength and control. I watched for a while and my wife, whose curiosity had gotten the better of her by now, came outside to observe the situation. She told me to leave it alone and to come inside the house and to bring our dog with me. I ran inside to grab a camera to take a couple of pictures of it. But to my deep regret, the owl was gone. Fortunately, I had three other encounters with the owl. Each time very much alike. I get close to it and it allows me to admire it, as soon as I go to get the camera, upon my return, it’s gone. I never got to see it wife told me a story she used to hear from family members that those types of owls are, according to mexican lore, “lechusas”. They are supposedly, witches turned into large owls sent by people who have some sort of envy towards someone, to watch over certain people and to administer “bad luck”. I am also of hispanic decent, despite my last name, but I do not believe in such nonsense. Ironically, we did go through five solid rough years of what anyone would consider “bad luck”. I see it as normal stages of life. I could go on forever with stories of those terrible five years. During those five years, I saw on several occasions, more owls, only they were the smaller kind. They were probably eight or ten inches tall and they would fly around me , keeping around a five foot span from my head. I thought nothing of it and would just watch them till they would leave. One night, my neighbor and I were at the four foot tall chain link fence, which divided our properties, just talking about the work day events when an owl, same small size, came within four feet from us and started to fly above our heads and then landed two to three feet from us on top of the fence rail. My neighbor freaked out! He started cussing at it and yelling and waving his arms at it and told me to do the same. Well, I thought all this adverse action was very comical to me and stood there laughing. When the owl finally flew away and landed on a light pole in front of my neighbors house, just watching us, my neighbor proceeded to tell me wild stories about that little owl being a “lechusa” and how it was looking to spread evil upon us. Well, one year later he and his wife divorced and before he left to live elsewhere, my neighbor came over to tell me he blamed that night with the encounter of the owl for losing his family. Again, I don’t believe it. I didn’t grow up with these wives tales and consider myself a realist and therefore cannot believe in such things as the “lechusa”. Anyway, I know I have not helped you in your endeavor to find what type of owls you encountered but hopefully, I entertained you with mine. Good luck with your findings!

Different types of essay

different types of essay


different types of essaydifferent types of essaydifferent types of essaydifferent types of essay