Emotional appeal essay examples

So far this semester, you have explained and analyzed various exigencies, and you have explained and analyzed how two works presented ethical, logical, and emotional appeals to drive arguments. In you last major essay, the researched argument, you need to persuade a particular group of people (your rhetorical audience) to change their opinions and/or alter their behavior in some way.
To be successful, you will need to do the following:
1. Choose a significant, debatable issue relevant to the people on the continent of Africa and/or of African descent.
2. Identify your claims about the issue and specify your intended readers (what opinions and behaviors do you hope to change?).
3. Develop logical, ethical, and emotional appeals to convince your readers.
4. Explain and partially refute some objections to your claims.
5. Cite at least three different sources throughout your paper, one of which must include ideas opposed to your own. Please do not use internet sources!
You will also need to:
a. Integrate each source at least twice throughout your paper. One of your sources must come from the text Call and Response: Key Debates in African American Studies.
b. Provide a brief summary of at least one of your sources.
Researched Argument Presentation
The presentations of your argument will take place on 7/1 and are meant to inform your peers about your researched argument (., teach them something new) and to help you clarify the importance of your argument. (I will pass around a sheet with time slots, and you will be able to choose your date and time.) In your presentation, you should explain the exigence, the rhetorical audience, your argument, and some of the support that you chose and/or the choices that you made while writing your argument (., why you chose to include or focus on certain things).
Format Requirements
Your final essay must be seven to eight pages in length (not counting the Works Cited page) and in proper MLA format.
Important Due Dates:
The first draft is due 8/05. Post a copy of your draft to the Dropbox and to the Discussion Board prior to the start of class. This draft should be at least 2 pages in length and should contain a good introductory paragraph and thesis.

Emotional appeal essay examples

emotional appeal essay examples


emotional appeal essay examplesemotional appeal essay examplesemotional appeal essay examplesemotional appeal essay examples