Essay human rights

To ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, both health care and education must be recognized as basic human rights for all Americans. The only cost effective way to provide universal health care is by providing a single national insurance program, including removal of the responsibility from both employers and employees (private and public sectors, including education). Exclusion of private insurance and advertising companies (and the IRS) from health care would save the American people trillions of dollars in unnecessary costs during the 21st century. Severing the current mandatory linkage between health care insurance and employment would create a major new and sustainable stimulus for job creation and growth of the American economy. For education, we need to recognize the essential role of post secondary training as part of our definition of basic education. Tuition fees in state college systems must be drastically reduced or eliminated. The only tax policy change needed would be to begin taxing capital gains at the same percentage rates as earned or ordinary income.

Once formed, enemy images tend to resist change, and serve to perpetuate and intensify the conflict. Because the adversary has come to be viewed as a "diabolical enemy," the conflict is framed as a war between good and evil.[7] Once the parties have  framed  the conflict in this way, their positions become more rigid. In some cases,  zero-sum  thinking develops as parties come to believe that they must either secure their own victory, or face defeat. New goals to punish or destroy the opponent arise, and in some cases more militant leadership comes into power.

Essay human rights

essay human rights


essay human rightsessay human rightsessay human rightsessay human rights