Essay on nonverbal communication

This article talks about misunderstandings between different cultures...particularly highlighting high-context cultures with low-context cultures. We are now seeing in the United States, how there can be cultural misunderstandings between groups that appear on the surface to be quite similar. Republicans and Democrats in the . are mostly all low-context communicators, yet they seem to be almost completely talking past each other. Each sees the world in fundamentally different ways--their interests are different, their understanding of facts is different, their reasons for advocating various policies are different.

So how do you deal with these cultural differences? How does one recognize to which culture a particular person identifies so that he or she will infer correctly all of the nonverbal cues associated with that culture? From such a potentially complicated question comes a relatively simple answer. Study, listen and learn. Communicators and leaders become successful because they observe the unconscious actions of others. Sometimes an individual’s actions are the result of their culture or upbringing and sometimes they are the result of the emotion or feeling they are portraying. Keen communicators are able to tell the difference between the two and effectively communicate based on their observations. Oculesics is not a standalone science. Combining the information obtained from eye movements and behaviors with other nonverbal cues such as Haptics, Kinesics, or Olfactics will lend the observer to a much more well rounded and accurate portrait of an individual’s behavior. [40]

The way of acknowledge the other person is significant also, direct eye contact, a handshake, and a little words are needed in many culture in communicating with others. Communicating with clarity and empathy are helping the communication to be effective as it build trust relationships. Help the other person to see everything in the discussion. Clarity builds trust. Also we should know that not just the culture that influence the communication with others but the individuals personality and the relationships between people who are communicating.

Essay on nonverbal communication

essay on nonverbal communication


essay on nonverbal communicationessay on nonverbal communicationessay on nonverbal communicationessay on nonverbal communication