Essay on richard cory

“Richard Cory” is a poem that appeared first in 1897 and is still considered to be one of the most famous Edwin Robinson’s poems. The poem tells a story of a man who seems to have everything in his life: money, solid education, impeccable manners, and admiration from other people. This leaves not much to be desired. However, he commits suicide.
Many Robinson’s works are of a similar pessimistic character, which can be attributed to the fact that Edwin went through a lot of difficulties early in life. His poems often refer to a particular person. Emma Shepherd, who dated Edwin and his two brothers, but, eventually, chose Herman for his future career prospects and good looks, associated this poem with her husband. Herman was a very promising young man; however, he suffered numerous business failures, started to drink heavily and spent his last years in a charity hospital, away from his wife and kids. Shepherd believed that Edwin wrote his poem “Richard Cory” about the brilliant prospects of her husband and their unfortunate end.
The story is told from the point of view of townspeople, who admire Richard Cory and his life. However, do they really know him, or are they judging by what is on the surface? Of course, there is more to a person that might appear at first sight. The money and wealth of Richard clearly cannot make him a happy person.
The narrator of the poem is unreliable, of course. Too much distance can be sensed between the speaker and the protagonist of the poem. The poem’s structure is basic; it is a description followed by a shocking and unexpected ending. However, there is a hidden depth to it. This poem focuses only on the surfaces, and the reader has no clue of what is going on inside Richard’s head. His internal state is a taboo, but it clashes with the idea the townspeople have of him.
Richard has a lot of money, but he also is poor in a way. He lacks personal relationships and interactions with others. His wealth isolates him as people are trying to deceive him for his money and are not interested in his personality. Although, people want to be in his shoes, he wants to become one of them instead. Townspeople fail to realize that they have mutual support in each other and that their relationships are worth more than they could imagine. At the end of the poem, it is clear that they do not understand the reasons for Richard’s suicide.

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Essay on richard cory

essay on richard cory


essay on richard coryessay on richard coryessay on richard coryessay on richard cory