Essays on bilingualism in nigeria

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Another reason that some people oppose bilingual education is because they believe that it causes the English language to no longer be a dominant language of the United States. Promoting bilingualism among the immigrants could put the English at a secondary position and make the immigrants no longer feel the need to learn it. On the contrary, there have been languages other than English being taught in America through bilingual and non-English programs since the 19th century, especially because of the Native Americans. Even with the influx of foreign languages coming in from all over the world, English maintained its position as a dominant language in the ., even to the point of becoming a global language. (Crawford, 1998)

L1 interference in bilingual language acquisition generally refers to the influence that the learner’s L1 exerts over the acquisition of an L2. [29] Habits have been formed during L1 acquisition will influence the L2 learning process, either facilitate or hinder L2 learning. [30] The more similar L1 is with L2, the greater ease learners have with learning the L2 structures. In contrast, areas where L1 and L2 differ, the learners face much difficulty in learning because learners would use their L1 knowledge and experience to guide their L2 learning and responses. [31]

Essays on bilingualism in nigeria

essays on bilingualism in nigeria


essays on bilingualism in nigeriaessays on bilingualism in nigeriaessays on bilingualism in nigeriaessays on bilingualism in nigeria