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Society and culture!!!


Intro to society and culture:
 The concepts:

o The central concern of Society and Culture in stage 6 is the interaction of persons, societies, cultures, environments and time.
o Through understanding the interaction, you will begin to understand yourself, the society and culture around you, and the societies and cultures of others around them.
o We also recognise four other concepts that are vital to society and culture. These are power, authority, gender and technology.


o This concept refers to the way people organise themselves. For example, the people who make up Australian society are linked through institutions, media networks and sporting organisations.

o Culture generally refers to the values, arts, technology, laws and beliefs that bind a society together.
o It may include examples as diverse as artwork, language, literature, tattoos and religions.

o This refers to individuals who are shaped by their society and culture.
o They develop a social and cultural identity, and learn to communicate and interact with other persons in a society.
o We are all examples of persons interacting in some way with our society.

o This can refer to the physical setting of the society, but there are other types of environments such as the social and psychological environment.
o As persons, our attitude to and interaction with our environment can be critical. The development of individual attitudes in the environment can reflect society’s shared values.

o Time is a constant in all societies and cultures. We choose to measure it in terms of past, present and future.

o The easiest way to understand power is to think about what is that allows people to bring others to do the things they may not normally do.
o It involves a capacity to influence others to follow a course of action or point of view they would not otherwise follow.
o A clear example was the policy of Australian Governments to displace and break up indigenous families.

o This is often confused for power, and can actually be thought of as a subtype of power. It is difficult to imagine authority without some degree of power.
o Authority implies a legitimate use of influence and/or persuasion.
o Someone in authority has the accepted right to make decisions, someone in power would make decisions regardless of what those affected by the decisions think.
o Police, for . have authority to act in a particular way in specified situations, such as confronting a rioting crowd or a criminal suspect.

o This concept refers to the socially constructed differences...

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In the society during past ages, girls and women in the society were faced with several problems due to the cultural beliefs that existed. According to research, many girls and women were used as sexual objects by the professionals, who instead of doing their jobs, violated the rules and regulations governing their work and professional sexual ethical standards. This lowered the dignity of women in the society, which has changed with time as the girls and women are now learned and are aware of their rights in the society. Education has helped improve their living standards and reduce the oppression they are facing in their homes, from the professionals and in the society. Different experiences in human affects how the body works, for instance anatomical changes in nerve cells is influenced by training, changes in electrical activity of brain is influenced by presence of visual stimulus and changes in hormone are influenced by the presence of a male in the presence of a female.

Essays on cuture

essays on cuture


essays on cutureessays on cutureessays on cutureessays on cuture