Essays on ethical theories

One of the major criticisms of Kantian moral theory is that it focuses on rational autonomy. The critics highlights that Kantian moral theory leaves any being who does not posses the capacity for rational autonomy as not independently morally considerable. This indicates that the theory suggests that there is nothing about human beings that we need to be taking into moral account. For example, consider the following scenario. You have a piece of candy which is unbreakable and two children are in front of you and want the candy. Both have the goal of wanting the candy, which seems rational (they both want the pleasure of eating the candy). However, if you give it to child A, you would be refraining from helping child B achieve his goal of getting the candy (or getting pleasure from the candy). In this situation, no matter who you give the candy to, you would be committing an act that is morally wrong (since in either case, you are preventing one of the children from achieving a rational goal).

Lafleur Trading Company is a diverse food distribution firm that supplies high end products to restaurants and individuals all around the world. In business since 1975, Lafleur has a long history of providing only the best food and wine over the years. Across every continent, Antarctica excluded, Lafleur has partners to make sure they offer a vast array of goods that appeal to every culture and taste bud. Olive oil from Greece, Vanilla from Madagascar, spices from Morocco, and coffee beans from Columbia are just a few of the ingredients that Lafleur offers, each is a representation of the best qualities in that specific good showing that they strive for perfection in everything they offer. Only working with reputable producers and trustworthy exporters to make sure the quality is controlled at every level of the process in order to keep with the standards for "Organic Certification  in Canada. By being so involved in each step along the way Lafleur can ensure that all of the merchandise they offer will be top quality. Besides being a provider of excellent commodities Lafleur is also cost conscience to make sure that consumers from all walks of life can enjoy these fine products. By implementing the newest technologies in the field of trading and shipping they can assure that anything they ship will be the freshest available and of the best value for the money.
There are a number of ethical issues that face a business like Lafleur Trading Company, everything from false advertising to price gouging but for Lafleur the most important issue is being trustworthy about meeting organic standards and supplying the highest quality goods. It would be a temptation to purchase food or wine that is not certified organic from one of their many vendors worldwide and pass it off as something it's not in order to increase their profit margins and minimize losses on some of the more expensive items they sell. Many times a very high grade, non-organic ...

Essays on ethical theories

essays on ethical theories


essays on ethical theoriesessays on ethical theoriesessays on ethical theoriesessays on ethical theories