Fossil fuels essay

As a consulting engineer involved in the specification of renewable energy technologies (RETs) for buildings almost every day, it's good to see the truth about urban micro-wind stated clearly - that it is largely nothing but greenwash, which in my book actually makes it dangerous. Because the idea of 'green' and 'sustainable' represents a huge market opportunity, the market is becoming flooded with products that are actually neither. This can be because they are inherently useless or perhaps they have some use but may be misapplied - which is the case for urban turbines. The market cares nothing for the ramifications of climate change and we need to be aware of its darker side, which acts to prevent progress in reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. I am therefore pleased to see that you are bringing the facts associated with micro-wind to public attention; let's hope people in urban areas don't install them but focus on more useful RETs, like solar thermal hot water generation for example. Please keep up the good work!

One slight correction needs to be made to your piece. In describing what has done, you have confused measures of power and energy. A kiloWatt is a unit of power, whereas a kiloWatt-hour is a unit of energy. The two are very different and are not interchangeable as suggested.

Fossil fuels essay

fossil fuels essay


fossil fuels essayfossil fuels essayfossil fuels essayfossil fuels essay