Frida kahlo essay in spanish

The skeleton is wired with explosives holding a bouquet of flowers. The skeleton signifies Judas. In Mexican culture at Easter time they burn and hang paper mache skeletons representing Judas in a symbolic act representing destruction of all negative energies. This Judas has what almost looks like a smile or smirk. In the painting Kahlo is covered in a yellow blanket or sheet that is being overgrown with leafy vines. The roots of the vine are on the blanket at the foot of the bed. The bed is really bold and stands out it the painting. Kahlo’s body looks much smaller in comparison to the bed and the skeleton. Need essay sample on "Frida Kahlo" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Many of Frida's paintings show the combination of real and fantastic elements, like Diego's portraits with a third eye; self-portraits with Diego's image or a death image on the forehead ("Diego and I", "Diego in my thoughts", "Thinking about death"); Frida with a childish body and an adult face in her nurse's arms ("My Nurse and I"); internal organs and other meaningful objects placed outside her body and connected to it by as many umbilical cords ("Henry Ford Hospital"). This is one of the features that prompted Andre Breton to embrace Frida as a Surrealist, but she always denied this connection. Indeed, even in her most symbolic and fantastic work ("What the Water gave Me"), reality wins against fantasy because every dissociated detail of the painting refers to precise events/ emotions in her life and is the evolution of elements coming from other works.

Frida kahlo essay in spanish

frida kahlo essay in spanish


frida kahlo essay in spanishfrida kahlo essay in spanishfrida kahlo essay in spanishfrida kahlo essay in spanish