Hairstyles essay

The Power Donut. Instead of keeping your remaining hair close to your head, you can just say, “screw it,” and let it grow out au naturel. GQ calls this ring of hair the “ Power Donut .” What’s nice about the Power Donut is that it doesn’t require much work except for an occasional trim so you avoid growing a skullet . Sean Connery, Gerald Ford, and Larry David are examples of men who rock the Power Donut.  There’s something admirable about a man who doesn’t worry about adjusting his hairstyle just because he’s balding and hasn’t jumped on the buzz cut bandwagon. He just keeps doing the same hair routine he’s been doing his entire life, except he doesn’t have to spend as much time on top. Just let nature run its course and spend time worrying about other stuff.

After the bride has been called into the wedding arena, and has exchanged garlands with the groom during the Varmala ceremony. She is then seated on the opposite side of the groom in front of the holy fire. Then groom extends his right hand upon which the bride’s right hand is placed. This ritual is known as Hastamilap or Joining of the Hands. Their hands are then joined by sacred thread, or a piece of red cloth, betel leaves, betel nuts, and flowers are placed on top. Some customs also include money and a gold coin in this ceremony. The bride’s father or in some cases both the parents place their hand on top and sometimes pour Ganga Jal or a mix of Ganga Jal and Milk over the joined hands, all the while repeating after the priest chanting verses in praise of Kamadeva, the God of Love.

Hairstyles essay

hairstyles essay


hairstyles essayhairstyles essayhairstyles essayhairstyles essay