Harvard economics thesis database

The FAS budget is both large (approximately
$ billion) and highly decentralized,
with significant spending under the direct
control of over 150 separate departments,
centers, libraries, and museums. The
Consolidated Statement of Activity presents
important categories of revenues and
expenses of the FAS as a whole. This view
combines what is typically called the
“Core” of the FAS (which comprises the
faculty, the College, and the Graduate
School of Arts and Sciences) together with
the other major affiliates of the FAS
(., Athletics, the Division of Continuing
Education, Dumbarton Oaks, the
Harvard College Library, the Museums,
and the School of Engineering and
Applied Sciences). Given that the Core
constitutes about 73% of both the
FAS Fiscal Year 2015 consolidated revenues
and consolidated expenses, we also
present a Fiscal Year 2015 Statement of
Activity for just the Core.

Harvard economics thesis database

harvard economics thesis database


harvard economics thesis databaseharvard economics thesis databaseharvard economics thesis databaseharvard economics thesis database