Hester prynne punishment essay

“The symmetrical design of the scarlet Letter, says . Mathiessen, is built around the three scenes on the scaffold of the pillory.” There Hester endures her public shaming in the opening chapter. There, midway through the brook, the minister, who has been driven almost crazy by his guilt, but has lacked the resolution to confess it, ascends one midnight for self-torture, and is joined by Hester, on her way home from watching at a death-bed, and there they are over-seen by Chillingworth. There, also at the end, just after his own knowledge of suffering has endowed his tongue with eloquence in his great Election Sermon where he is exhausted and death- stricken Dimmesdale totters to confess his sin at last to the incredulous and only half-comprehending crowd, and to die in Hester’s arms. Hawthorne brings to bear profound and massive association of plot, character, symbol and event to converge around each one of the three scaffold scenes in The Scarlet Letter. All the three scenes are interrelated and give a unity to the novel.

Hester prynne punishment essay

hester prynne punishment essay


hester prynne punishment essayhester prynne punishment essayhester prynne punishment essayhester prynne punishment essay