In dubious battle essay

What amuses me in all this is the naming of this fraud as ‘healing & miracle school’. For God’s sake, this is unfair. I don’t know anywhere in the Bible where Christ asked followers to assemble in a village square for His miracles. I pity South Africans. This is what poverty (of the mind) does to individuals. It pushes one to this get rich quick mentality. Just a quick fix. Nigerians have been invaded with this fraud because of the way our rulers have impoverished us and the only way out is to go ‘spiritual’.

Thorough news reporting can also provide a detailed public record that traces a complete history of how the dysfunctional distrust began and escalated. Analysis of these reports may fill in the gaps omitted by the selective perception of biased conflict participants or those who have received only limited and filtered information. Consider the earlier example of distrust stimulated as a reaction to a perceived injustice by the other party. Without the benefit of a complete transcript or detailed narrative of how distrust evolved, the precipitating cause itself may be overlooked by at least one of the parties and prevent an effective resolution.

Whichever the case, I’m still deeply fond of De Laurentiis’ King Kong now, no doubt in part because we’ll never see its likes again. Whatever the failings of its ape effects, they have a tangible quality that even Jackson’s great CGI work couldn’t fake. (If younger readers wonder why the generations ahead of them complain about CGI effects no matter how impressive they become, it’s undoubtedly because films like this got into our dreams at a tender age.) The finale is now poignant in ways no one could have imagined at the time. Kong climbs one tower of the World Trade Center, then leaps to the other before falling. The ape dies. Years later, the towers would fall, and the dream of a big world filled with unexplored wonders would be edged a little further into the past by the reality of the smaller, more dangerous place in which we now live.

In dubious battle essay

in dubious battle essay


in dubious battle essayin dubious battle essayin dubious battle essayin dubious battle essay