Informative essays on photography

This assignment builds upon the rhetorical strategies learned in the Two Descriptions assignment. Be aware, it can also present a temptation to use radical or ‘fringe’ sources for effect, or to make unsubstantiated or poorly substantiated claims. Be sure that you can support your surprising thesis with solid facts, including personal experiences. You might find inspiration in these words from Terry Southern, the screenwriter for Dr. Strangelove and Easy Rider. (Don’t recognize these movies Check them out on the web. Terry Southern was one creative writer!)

Bellini and Perugino were to be paid 100 ducats for their paintings in Isabella’s studiolo . Bellini had originally asked 150 ducats but was apparently willing to discount the price in deference of his client’s social position. Isabella’s Cupid, the one reputed to be by Praxiteles, was valued at 800 ducats. She had not bought it outright but had arranged for its owners to be awarded a benefice in Mantua with an income of 150 ducats annually. (As is mentioned below, she was able to separate Mantegna from his bust of Faustina by taking over a debt.)

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Informative essays on photography

informative essays on photography


informative essays on photographyinformative essays on photographyinformative essays on photographyinformative essays on photography