Ipad education research paper

At the core of the app, students are able to utilize visual learning (via diagrams, maps and organizers) to help transform streams of thought into linear outlines that can later be exported for writing. It’s relatively easy to operate and utilizes gestures familiar to native iPad users for navigation, editing and more. To help students gets started, the app offers a handful of very useful templates including: Cause and effect diagram, group project plan and root cause analysis. Beyond this, teachers can use Inspiration Map as a workplace tool to analyze information, take notes and track classroom activities.

An example of this is the use of the app Explain Everything being used for students to solve a math problem and explain their working as they go. Teacher and student can then view their work and evaluate and assess HOW they got their answers. Students can also view the thinking of others in the class by watching how they completed the problem, listening to their explanation. This has proven to be a rich way of learning providing deeper insights into student learning and understanding than a student score in a math app. Another benefit of this approach is that the work can be loaded to Vimeo and a link emailed to parents, siblings, friends (anyone with an email address) from class. We now have students as young as 7 sending and receiving emails, generating and loading content, self and peer assessing and learning and sharing new strategies to solve problems.

iPad App Review: Cartoon ABC
Designed to help younger students with their first attempts at reading, the app features an interactive alphabet that places users into game-like activities with over 100 animations, 70 characters, exclusive design and original sounds.

iPad App Review: Dickens' Dark London
Dickens: Dark London, by the Museum of London, takes users on a journey through the darker side of Charles Dickens’ London. This unique series of interactive graphic novels is narrated by Mark Strong, who played the villain in Sherlock Holmes.

Ipad education research paper

ipad education research paper


ipad education research paperipad education research paperipad education research paperipad education research paper