Linearity thesis

Lateness to school by pupils is one of the observable problems bedeviling the education system in Nigeria. Lateness to school relates simply to the failure to be present at appropriate times for school activities/lesson – leading to certain deficiencies in the attainment of the goals and objectives of the institution. The subject of lateness to school, though not specifically mentioned in the National Policy on Education, may however be related to ascertain elements in every aspects of the policy. For example, the principles of ‘harmony’ and ‘equality’ mentioned in the overall philosophy of Nigeria ( paragraph. 2a) may be fundamentally derailed by lateness of pupils to school. A pupil who was not in the school during morning assembly may miss out on some important information and may thus be subject to some acts that could cause disharmony in the institution. Also, where a pupil is punished for lateness and another is not, for the same offence, may lead to the undermining of the principle of ‘equality’ in the country.

Centering does not change the coefficient for the product nor its p-value. In that sense, centering doesn’t help. However, the fact that it doesn’t change those results (even though it can markedly reduce the collinearity) demonstrates that collinearity is not really an issue. In very extreme cases, the collinearity may be so high that numerical/computational problems can arise, in which case centering may be necessary. Centering does change the interpretation of the main effects, however, often for the better. Without centering, the main effects represent the effect of each variable when the other variable is zero. With centering, the main effects represent the effect of each variable when the other variable is at its mean.

Linearity thesis

linearity thesis


linearity thesislinearity thesislinearity thesislinearity thesis