My personal strengths essay

An antidote about strengths and weaknesses: Bob Knight, legendary basketball coach and horse’s rear, has a simple philosophy that he used at Indiana University (Indiana happens to be my home state) to bring the best out of his players. His philosophy was to eliminate weaknesses in his players being that when all the weaknesses were gone what was left was the best that they could be. I took this as a form of gospel and I have found this to be more or less true. Or I should say that as I have eliminated or smoothed out my weaknesses my strengths began to become more apparent. Had I focused on the other end, strengths, then I would of found myself tripping over my weaknesses and my strengths would not have as much strength in them, and therefore not as noticeable. So basically I have begun to discovered who I am by challenging myself about my weaknesses. I still loath paperwork. Organization is as alien a concept to me as string theory: fascinating to read about the possibilities/potentialities, but as remote as the North Pole.

DiSC seems to be trending w/ the IATF.
I have and do use assessment with coaching clients, and remind them that with behaviors you can change. And most likely you will change the behavior plus much of the responses to the question are situational. That is why the DiSC shows 4 quadrants.
Yet I always struggle w/ self assessment of data. The positive illusion and observer created reality we cannot shake no matter how the questions are re-phrased.
Self assessment see us as we see ourselves. That can serve as a powerful present to future goal state, or spin into a doom loop of "this is how I am and you all have to deal".

My personal strengths essay

my personal strengths essay


my personal strengths essaymy personal strengths essaymy personal strengths essaymy personal strengths essay