Newspaper management research

Nowhere to be seen in the deal is Kusher, the newcomer with a vision who spoke so forcefully about the value of newspapers two years ago. His plan always was a long shot, but he was at least a positive voice in an industry that’s so shrouded in hopelessness these days. He was one of a dwindling list of rich executives that includes Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos and John Henry, who seem to believe that journalism is still worth the investment. Why is it that the only people who have faith in the newspaper industry are people who have no background in newspapers?

I learned this from Dorothy, a nice lady with an English accent who had also found a place to sit around the kitchen table during the closing stages of a party. On the subject of woodburning, which I tend to bore people with at parties, I had just finished a quick description of the top down technique. After disclosing that her husband couldn't start a wood fire to save his life, Dorothy mildly chastised me for bunching newspaper and said I should be tying it in knots. Take a full sheet, she explained, roll it into a sloppy tube and tie it in a knot. When you light it it will burn nicely and won't move around.

Newspaper management research

newspaper management research


newspaper management researchnewspaper management researchnewspaper management researchnewspaper management research