Othello change essay

The Vikings were most feared because they used the seas as their highways.  They could show up quickly and were nearly impossible to track.  The Vikings were very skilled shipbuilders and navigators and only sailed between the months of April and early October.  Their ships had a maximum speed of about 7 knots under oars.  They were usually around .  To enemies these ships were known for their incredible swiftness and maneuverability.  This was because the ships were equipped with rudders.  The ships could hold between 40 and 60 people. (From Viking to Crusader…Rizzoli)
The Viking Age ended when many states in Europe developed the feudal system.  This system gave the local lords wealth and property in exchange for their services as cavalry soldiers in the army.  The Viking raiders were no match for these heavily equipped, well trained soldiers.  Consequently, the Viking settlements were crushed by these armies.  During their existence, the Vikings had a definite impact on world history that will never be forgotten.  They have left a legacy in history as having been fearless, cunning, and brutal warriors who had a dramatic impact on the advancement of civilization.   (The Vikings…Living History.)

himself on what he believes, this becomes apparent to the audience between lines 70-80, when it seems as if Othello’s levels of anger and fury are rising, the constant use of repetition through rhetorical questions; “What committed? shows Othello’s paranoia, shows he is really verbally attacking her and right now has no feeling of trust towards Desdemona. An obvious episode in the play to compare to sets of lexical choices between Othello and Desdemona is in Act 5 scene 2, where Othello smothers Desdemona, much has happened in the plot between these two episodes and that becomes instantly apparent when observing the dialogue.

Othello change essay

othello change essay


othello change essayothello change essayothello change essayothello change essay