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SONAE invites all speakers and participants to attend a memorable social evening on the 28th June, at SONAE headquarters, that will feature a special dinner designed by Michelin Star Awarded Chef Rui Paula.

Chef Rui Paula is considered an indispensable reference in modern cuisine, using fresh and seasonal local ingredients to create ravishing dishes. Memories of childhood feelings about food are his source of inspiration.

Under the motto of food waste reduction , one of the key objectives of SONAE’s project, this unique dinner experience will include end-of-shelf-life products, proving that they can still make delicious meals!

There are a lot of more or less trustworthy rankings that are based on surveys of practitioners (SCM World), research output (FT) or other types of data (Eduniversal). I cannot see any methodology behind your ranking? What is the methodological foundation your ranking is based upon? Or is this just your opinion? If so, you should indicate this already in the headline of your article. Otherwise this list is just misleading. You should understand that you take a lot of responsibility by publishing a ranking that might later be used to make decisions, . by future students. Therefore, it should be based on sound data and a rigorous methodology.

Phd thesis on scm

phd thesis on scm


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