Physics pendulum lab report

When you inspect the bar charts, it is evident that as the bob moves from A to D, the kinetic energy is increasing and the potential energy is decreasing. However, the total amount of these two forms of energy is remaining constant. Whatever potential energy is lost in going from position A to position D appears as kinetic energy. There is a transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy as the bob moves from position A to position D. Yet the total mechanical energy remains constant. We would say that mechanical energy is conserved. As the bob moves past position D towards position G, the opposite is observed. Kinetic energy decreases as the bob moves rightward and (more importantly) upward toward position G. There is an increase in potential energy to accompany this decrease in kinetic energy. Energy is being transformed from kinetic form into potential form. Yet, as illustrated by the TME bar, the total amount of mechanical energy is conserved. This very principle of energy conservation was explained in the Energy chapter of The Physics Classroom Tutorial.

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Physics pendulum lab report

physics pendulum lab report


physics pendulum lab reportphysics pendulum lab reportphysics pendulum lab reportphysics pendulum lab report