Pros cons homework essay

Shelly your calling everyone small minded, yet your not stating all the facts on solar energy. Solar energy and wind power will not eventually burn out, how can you make assumptions like that. We all know that the sun isn’t available 24 hours. Your right about it be operational for about a half a day. But do you realize that solar power and wind power, do not cause pollution. And by using wind and solar energy, we wont be relying on fossil fuels. I can’t understand why so many of you are for nuclear energy. It is far more dangerous and costly.

2) Criticism: You might scoff, thinking you don’t need this, because you’ve lucked into a supportive, insightful writing group. Terrific! But friends, seeing how much work you’ve put into that manuscript, often hesitate to be critical. They want to be encouraging, so they’ll suggest changing scarcely a sentence. Not so in an MFA program. Red ink will cover your pages. You’ll gape in despair as you realize that, yes, your writing is crap. The advisors will encourage you, but they’ll be brutally honest about how to improve your work. This is why MFA programs are so expensive. The faculty isn’t comprised of amateurs who dabble at writing and coddle your ego, but of professionals who bring a cool eye and a scholarly approach to teaching. You’ll be exposed to smart and sometimes stinging criticism, which can be hard to take, yet is crucial to any serious writer.

Some students, parents and administrators are concerned about later school start times because of the possible impact on extracurricular activities. Students who participate in sports, music groups, service learning clubs and other organizations typically meet for several hours after school. If school districts change their start times, these activities will be pushed to later in the day. This would make it difficult for students to participate and still have enough time to study, complete homework assignments, participate in social activities and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Pros cons homework essay

pros cons homework essay


pros cons homework essaypros cons homework essaypros cons homework essaypros cons homework essay