Save fuel save money essay

The more your car weighs, the harder it has to work to keep moving. Essentially more fuel has to be used in order to keep your car moving if it weighs more, especially when you accelerate. If you’re keeping unnecessary items in your car, they might be adding to its weight and putting strain on the engine. Things like roof racks, trailers, bags and heavy items in the boot all add to it’s weight and can be removed if not in use. So next time you set off on the road, check what items you may be storing and take them out if they’re not needed for your journey ahead.

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when you say clutch down... do you mean out/disengaged?

1. Coasting out of gear (especially down hill) is VERY dangerous.
2. Keeping the clutch disengaged puts extra wear on the throw out bearing
3. While in gear with 0% throttle -- just about every car nowadays will cut back on fuel... Less than fuel required to idle.

Replacing a clutch and getting a clutch replaced are two very different things. If you can DIY - $50-$200 is about the cost of materials (depending on make/model, type, brand etc.). If you are getting it done... expect that to be much higher. My last car cost $400, my current car costs $700-$800 using an aftermarket OE replacement.

Save fuel save money essay

save fuel save money essay


save fuel save money essaysave fuel save money essaysave fuel save money essaysave fuel save money essay