Scholarship applications sample essay

The scholarship application cycle is now closed. All application materials were required to have been sent to the IHS Scholarship Program postmarked no later than March 28, 2017. Scholarship Program staff are currently processing and reviewing new applications and will distribute all 2017 – 18 scholarship award letters during the first week of July. We recommend that you read our  eNewsletter for information about other scholarship, grant and loan programs in advance of notification from the Scholarship office. This way, you can investigate other financial assistance options available to you. Please contact the program office if you have any questions regarding the application review process.

Applications will be received and reviewed at eight regional centres in the United States. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview in November. Dates for the interviews can be found here . The final selection will be announced shortly after interview. Successful applicants will be offered a scholarship in writing, and will be asked to accept or decline this offer, also in writing, within 10-12 days of receiving it (Nb this timeframe may be shorter where the interviews occur late in the interview week). In keeping with other UK government-funded programs the Marshall Commission asks Scholars to give a definitive and final response in this way, so that the Commission can at the earliest opportunity arrange the best and most appropriate graduate program and living accommodation for each Scholar's needs.

The Bill Rutala Scholarship was established by SHEA to promote the training of a non-physician interested in the research of healthcare-associated infections. SHEA established this scholarship in honor of William Rutala, MS, MPH, PhD a prominent SHEA leader the field of healthcare epidemiology research. Dr. Rutala was the SHEA Lectureship awardee in 2012 and has worked tirelessly researching areas such as disinfection, sterilization, cross-infection, healthcare-associated infections, outbreaks, antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Awardees of the Bill Rutala Scholarship will receive the amount of a $500 grant to defray the expenses of attending the program. In addition to the $500 amount, each scholarship recipient will receive a complimentary registration for the SHEA/CDC Training Certificate Course in Healthcare Epidemiology at SHEA Spring 2018 Conference: Science Guiding Prevention.

Scholarship applications sample essay

scholarship applications sample essay


scholarship applications sample essayscholarship applications sample essayscholarship applications sample essayscholarship applications sample essay