Scout maturation essay

In medieval manuscript book s, the collated quire s were sewn onto leather or hemp cords , and the loose ends of the cord s were threaded into grooves cut in the inner surface of the wooden boards and secured with peg s or nails. The spine and outside surface of the boards were covered in damp leather or parchment and the grooves concealed by gluing a leaf, called the paste-down , to the inside of each cover. The cover might then be decorated, usually by blocking or tooling , and metal boss es and cornerpiece s added to protect the binding from wear, with one or more clasp s attached to the edge s to keep the volume tightly closed when not in use. During the early Middle Ages, binding was done in monastic scriptoria , but by the late Middle Ages, this stage of book production was done by the stationer or bookseller .

If Aunt Alexandra embodies the rules and customs of the adult world, then the reappearance of Dill at this juncture offers Scout an opportunity to flee, at least for a short time, back into the comforts of childhood. However, Dill’s return also emphasizes the growing gulf in development between Scout and Jem. In the previous section, we saw the twelve-year-old Jem indignantly urging Scout to act more like a girl, indicating his growing awareness of adult social roles and expectations. Here again, Jem proves clearly too old for the childhood solidarity that Dill’s presence recalls. Scout relates that, upon seeing Dill under the bed, Jem “rose and broke the remaining code of our childhood” by telling Atticus. To Scout, this act makes Jem a “traitor,” though it is really an act of responsibility that marks Jem’s maturation toward adulthood.

Cutler’s political leanings could be an issue as well. Last November, he controversially came out in support of Donald Trump , and some people around the league see a potential fan backlash brewing in Miami. “Look, I have no problem with a guy supporting the Trump,” said a former NFL GM who has also been my imaginary friend since I was five. “But there’s a respectful way to do it, and going out and running your mouth to the press isn’t the way. Now he’s always going to be answering questions about it, and that can create a distraction for the team.”

Scout maturation essay

scout maturation essay


scout maturation essayscout maturation essayscout maturation essayscout maturation essay