Senior thesis guidelines

You should label all figures, photographs, drawings, graphics, illustrations, and maps as “Figure [number]” in a numbered sequence (refer to the appropriate style guide above).  Label all of your tables “Table [number]” in a numbered sequence (a separate sequence from “Figures”).  You should mention each figure and table at least once in your text [for example:  “In 1973, excavations were conducted on the west side of Mound B (Figure 7)” or “As Table 5 demonstrates, the alcoholic content of maize beer is low.”]  Use “(Figure 7)” or “(Table 5)”; do not use “(see Figure 7)” or “(see Table 5).” Your style guide may also be helpful.

Students who plan to do interviews or surveys as an element of their research must comply with federal regulations governing human subjects research. This may require applying for and obtaining approval from  NYU's Institutional Review Board  (IRB)  before  any such research may begin. Students who are unsure of whether their thesis project may constitute human subjects research are encouraged to speak to their Senior Colloquium Instructor and/or attend the IRB’s  drop-in consultation hours  to speak to an IRB investigator.

Senior thesis guidelines

senior thesis guidelines


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