Setting and achieving goals essay

Great write up Brian. If you begin with the big goal and break it down into many smaller goals, or simply brainstorm as much ideas as possible and keep adding more to the list as time goes by. Then all you gotta do is look over your list of ideas or tasks and first of all make sure they are ., and second make sure that each action you take is efficient as possible and done to the best of your ability. In other words if you take more efficient actions than not-so-efficient actions then you’ll have success. So don’t waste time and energy stabbing in the dark, make each action count, all seeds you sow won’t fall on good ground but if most of them fall on good ground then you will reach a tipping point and success will be guaranteed. This is the most important tip, make each action count, don’t do things that have little effect.


I want you to know that I am greatly motivated by your eBook and the quotes that you sent me in the subsequent newsletters.

I always have difficulty working towards my goal but with these 10 steps in your eBook, I feel that it is MUCH more achievable. In the past, I was always very forgiving towards myself and think that I should try to achieve my goals, but it is also all right if I failed to. I guess I am wrong. I am just finding excuses for my lack of commitment.

Now, I understand that a goal is just a dream if I do not work towards it. I am now working towards achieving my first big goal of becoming financially independent in 5 years and I am looking forward to receive more valuable tips from you through the newsletters.

Thank you for making me see my flaws and motivating me towards achieving my goal! You have greatly influenced me and I will strongly recommend people who wish to make massive improvements in accomplishing your life goals to sign up for your newsletter as well!

Setting and achieving goals essay

setting and achieving goals essay


setting and achieving goals essaysetting and achieving goals essaysetting and achieving goals essaysetting and achieving goals essay