Siblings vs only child essay

The hard irony for the parents of one-child-policy offspring — to say nothing of those singletons themselves — is that the entire suite of less adaptive traits they exhibit in the study not only doesn’t improve their prospects in life but actually diminishes them. Every one of those attributes has been linked directly to poorer outcomes in educational and professional achievement, individual health and stability in marriage. The one-child policy, which the researchers call “one of the most radical approaches to limiting population growth,” has in all respects, except the mere birthrate numbers, been a hash of unintended consequences.

My heart would go with the 1/4 because that is the mom’s wish. But my logic would go with the will. I have difficulty understanding why people would want to “reward” one of their child because he or she had a child also. I mean, is that really what defines their accomplishment (I love children, so it’s not because I don’t like them, I just don’t understand that)? That being said, if it what’s the mom wanted, than go for it! Still, I repeat it again again, fellows out there : Talk about your will or your last wishes to the one concerned. I am sure that if the mom talked about it, things would have been much clearer for all of them. Maybe if the explication of giving to the nephew was explained by the mom herself, I would have understand her reasons and respect them.

Siblings vs only child essay

siblings vs only child essay


siblings vs only child essaysiblings vs only child essaysiblings vs only child essaysiblings vs only child essay