Starting an essay with an anecdote example

So I’m really wanting to do a YouTube channel and theres two main reasons. 1. Getting over my anxiety. I want to put myself out there and hopefully it will help me to overcome it. It’s a big step for me but I want to do it. And 2. To help people. I’ve always thrived with helping people. It’s like my fuel. So mostly I think my channel will be about advice and no specific audience really. Anyone can watch I’m also very crafty so I will probably trying out lots of DIYs and I like cooking so I’ll probably be doing that to xD and I want to make a small online business where I sculpt little figurines and sell them. And probably pottery too. And also any opinions the viewers want to hear, especially the most common ones like religion. AND also I love clothes, so I’ll definitely be doing hauls/try ons and hopefully (maybe) model for a brand. Modeling wasn’t like the first thing I’ve had on my mind xD but it’s something that just now started to interest me which is surprising because, when I was younger, I had major body image issues. And by that I mean that I did not like myself. And that brings me to another point in my channel is I just want to tell about my story and what I’ve been through and show that yes, you can do anything, and that you are beautiful and yes, you can be happy. But the only thing that’s stopping you is you. I already know what my username will be so I guess I’m all set! Now I just have to get a job and get a camera and a tripod :p hehehee. Sorry if it was a little rambly. I have a question though if there’s any specific sort of editing software that I should know about or if it’s different with every computer..? I also think I’d like editing a lot because I LOVE personalizing things. OH and I can’t believe I forgot!! I’m also interested in reviewing whatever the viewers would like for me to try! (as long as it doesn’t kill me, haha 😉 ).

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Starting an essay with an anecdote example

starting an essay with an anecdote example


starting an essay with an anecdote examplestarting an essay with an anecdote examplestarting an essay with an anecdote examplestarting an essay with an anecdote example