Superman vs batman essay

Then there is the way Miller depicts Superman. Keep in mind when reading this story that Frank Miller hates Superman as a character, and that makes him a little biased. Something about Superman being the boy scout does not appeal to Miller, so once again, he sort of exaggerates the character. Superman now fights only for the American military, and is used to destroy planes and war heads from other countries. First, it is already established that Superman does not pick sides when it come to war, even though he is proud of being American. Secondly, the big factor of Superman is that HE DOES NOT KILL! Superman is too smart and too independent to follow every order of the government; he is a leader, not a soldier. In short, Miller loves Batman, but hates Supermen

We here at io9 feel very confidently that the Vindicators, Rick and Morty ’s cosmos-hopping team of dysfunctional superheroes, are more than deserving of their very own series chronicling their own adventures. As if this past week’s episode featuring Supernova, Million Ants, Maximus Renegade Star Soldier, Alan Rails, Crocubot, and Noob-Noob wasn’t already enough to convince you, artist Stephen Byrne’s glorious illustration of the squad, rendered in full the comic book stylized glory that they deserve, sure as hell should. (Even if it omits Noob-Noob.)

Superman vs batman essay

superman vs batman essay


superman vs batman essaysuperman vs batman essaysuperman vs batman essaysuperman vs batman essay