Teaching the crucible essay topics

The fact that the Crucible is not a 100% historically accurate is not news to me; Arthur Miller himself stated that it was not meant to be a factual history lesson. I found some great resources on Shmoop that I read right after I read the Crucible : an essay on the factual difference between Miller’s play and actual events, the official court records from the Salem Witch Trials, as well as several other videos and links. I shared these withy my students and found that agree with me when I say that despite the discrepancies, these resources bring Arthur Miller’s work to life rather than detracting from it.

Objectives/Student Outcomes Using this Learning Guide : By studying "The Crucible" students of both American Literature and . History will better understand how a frightened society can ignore fundamental beliefs in justice, as well as its own basic principles of the primacy of law. In addition, with the curriculum materials provided by this Learning Guide , students will look at the underlying causes of historical events. Finally, through discussion and writing assignments, students will sharpen skills associated with analysis and persuasion.

Teaching the crucible essay topics

teaching the crucible essay topics


teaching the crucible essay topicsteaching the crucible essay topicsteaching the crucible essay topicsteaching the crucible essay topics