Thesis autism

Genevieve David has spent the summer of 2006 in Panam City to continue her data collection in order to broaden and confirm the results of the first part of her study. At the same time, she functioned as Internship and Research Coordinator for Water Planet. Together with the Water Planet management, she has setup and implemented the new interns training program and continued her research data collection. Genevieve David has successfully completed her Masters Degree thesis in the fall of 2007 (contact us for a full version in PDF format in French only). The research project continues and we encourage parents with children diagnosed with PDD to participate.

yes, the word you used which is key is ‘in my experience this is not’ and that is good. in some peoples experiences they have been pulled by the police and the police have not had the training to even know how to recognise those on the spectrum not that obvious to the untrained eye…so education and asking questions, being aware that is a possibility in our society today is a must. I know of quite a few people with autism that have been stopped or spotted by the police and arrested, initially because they were behaving ‘suspiciously’ This of course happens to lots of people not just autistics. The difference is learning and understanding that some of us process information differently which will , of course affect the way in which we respond to a question or an order…which if you do not understand as a genuine condition and not being defiant or confrontational can cause problems..words are words…what we do with hem is entirely up to the individual. if we lived without the need for labels at all we would all be people who are different from each other, full stop…seems radical but I know it would make the world and us in it a much peaceful and stress free place..evolution is a real thing which continues forever and so it makes sense that different brains will be born as we have evolved previously in history, we are seeing this happen before our eyes, and we are adjusting to it, some easier than others. I am a mum to a non verbal 10 year old boy and have experienced ignorance, anger, fear, love, support, I personally have been wretched and scared, frustrated and scared about my sons future to having most days where I embrace him completely and by doing this our lives have become easier and more joyous..yes there are struggles, and patience on both my sons and my side are paramount….so I learn from as many people with autism as I can, and parents, this is about sharing our experiences without judgement by sharing we can help and support each other and surely that is what we need to really create a more understanding outcome.

Thesis autism

thesis autism


thesis autismthesis autismthesis autismthesis autism