Thesis yellow wallpaper

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The narrator's view of the setting is colored (literally and figuratively speaking) by her limited and troubled perspective. That is to say, she sees the yellow wallpaper in the room as a particularly evil and disturbing presence, whereas it actually may not be so. because the whole story is from her point of view, the readers gradually see the ways in which her mind is affected by the yellow wall paper. the room that she is in could be a nursery, as she claims to have been told, or it could be a room of confinement for mental patients (it has "rings and things" on the walls). The isolation of the house, and the room, enhances her isolation and distance, both psychological and emotional. The "smouldering, unclean" yellow of the wallpaper, the form of the woman trapped behind it, the "bulbous eyes" watching over it, all reflect the narrator's hysteria and paranoia, which increases as the story progresses.

Thesis yellow wallpaper

thesis yellow wallpaper


thesis yellow wallpaperthesis yellow wallpaperthesis yellow wallpaperthesis yellow wallpaper